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Halloween In-Game Events~

Hello pirates!, October is here and we would like to announce the following events:

Note: Please make sure you read the date that each event will be held.

~Halloween Giveaway!~

Special Stay Online Event Halloween Day (October 31st)! at 1:00AM to 10:00PM (Server Time)!

Items you can get from giveaway:

During this event, the prizes will be changed to a special Halloween giveaway. The system will give out prizes to all players that are online every 3 hours!

~Halloween Town Collection~

Event Duration: October 1st - Novemeber 1st.

Location: Halloween Town portal, 2253, 2685 Argent City.

Collect the most Halloween Cards by hunting mobs in Halloween Town and change them to the trick or treat npc,s.

*Note: The chance to obtain a good item from Trick or Treat Npc,s is NOT 100%.

Items you can get:

~Double Server Rates~

Duration: October 25th - November 3rd.

Exp, Drop, Fairy & Ship rates Will be doubled!


By Administrator on Tuesday, October 25, 2022