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Halloween Events[Ended]

Hello pirates!, October is here and we would like to announce the following events:

Note: Please make sure you read the date that each event will be held.

~Halooween Giveaway!~

Special Stay Online Event Halloween Day (October 31st)! at 1:00AM to 10:00PM (Server Time)!

Items you can get from giveaway:

During this event, the prizes will be changed to a special Halloween giveaway. The system will give out prizes to all players that are online every 3 hours!

~Halloween Town Collection~

Event Duration: October 1st - Novemeber 1st.

Location: Halloween Town portal, 2253, 2685 Argent City.

Collect the most Halloween Cards by hunting mobs in Halloween Town and change them to the trick or treat npc,s.

*Note: The chance to obtain a good item from Trick or Treat Npc,s is NOT 100%.

Items you can get:
Abaddon Weapon Chest
Rare Icespire Plum
Rare Zephyr Fish Floss
Rare Argent Mango
Rare Shaitan Biscuit
Rare Snow Dragon Fruit
EXP Pamphlet Chest
Golden Wings
Eternal Chest
Azrael Chest
SORO Chest
100m Note
Gem of Wind God Chest
Striking Gem God Chest
Colossus Gem God Chest
Gem of Soul God Chest
Rage Gem God Chest
Eye of Black Dragon God Chest
Soul of Black Dragon God Chest
Heart of Black Dragon God Chest
4x Amplifier of Strive
God's Mighty Hand App
God's Zweihandler App
Demon Emote
Skeleton Emote
*Hell Little Dragon
*Dark Little Dragon
*New Wings


By Administrator on Friday, October 30, 2020