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Welcome to Eternal Pirates Online FAQs

Q: I don't know any GMs! How can i know if they are online?
A: It's simple, there is only 1 GM/Admin that is [GM]Andy/[Admin]Andy you can see on this page when is online
Q: I cannot see most items, maps, and monsters
A: Please use the auto patcher to update your client. If you dont have official client, you can download : here: or you could directly download the game client.
Q: How can i know which emails are from Eternal Pirates Online?
A: As of right now, the only emails Eternal Pirates Online uses are:
[email protected]

All other emails that claim to be from us are FAKE. We will never email you unless you email us first. We will NEVER ask for your account information. We will only ask for your character name because we can get all the information we need from there.
Q: I'm getting flamed in the game? :( Helpz please.??
A: Easy to fix this problem, Take a screen shot and post it on forum. We will give the player a warning. If he keep's flaming then we will Ban him from the server.
Q: Is out of server trade's illegal? Trading for USD/Other Server Item's?
A: Doing out of server trade's can be hard for other's but the major problem with doing out of server trade's is not being careful. This could make it for you end up getting scammed or hacked. If you do an out of server trade and get hacked or scammed you will not get any help. is your own FAULT!!!
Q: I found a hacker/scammer what should I do?
A: Well depending on how quick you want him to be banned is how you will report it. You can either contact a GM if you have them on Facebook if not then send an email to [email protected] about it. Or post on forum under the right place.