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Double IMPS Promo~

Hello Pirates we would like to announce the following events:

::Double IMPS::

Event Duration: September 6th - September 19th.

1.-Purchase any amount of Item Mall Points during this time, and get them doubled!

2.-Purchase any amount of IMPs over or equal to $200USD on any payment method in the time period event listed above and you will be able to get any of the following prizes for free.

- x1 Vip Colorful Necklace +27
- x2 Dark Ring +27
- x1 CoE King Lv1 +27
- x1 Admiral Cloak Lv1 +27

*in order to claim your prize, send us message to our email [email protected] or contact us in our social networks.


By [GM]Andy on Sunday, September 6, 2015