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ValentineĀ“s Events[Ended]

Valentines Giveaway~

Time Period: February 14th (All Day)

*If you are online, the game will randomly be giving out prizes to all characters that are online. The more characters that are online, the better the prizes are!

Valentines Screenshot~

Event Period: February 13th - February 21th

Event Details:

*Players need to take a ingame screenshot and post the screenshot in our facebook page.

*Players are allowed to edit the screenshot.

*Share your image on Facebook and mention our server link: https://eternalpirates.com

*Remember to incorporate valentine's day theme.

*Only one screenshot per player is accepted.

Judging Criteria:

-Creativity and originality of the depicted theme.
-Quality of image composition.
-Likes , but limited to the ohers criterias.

1st Place : 10000 Imps
2nd Place : 7000 Imps
3rd Place : 3000 Imps
4th - 10th Places: 1000 Imps

Double Credits

Event Duration: February 13th to February 29.

-Vote for Credits

You will now obtain 120 credits from each successful vote instead of 60 credits.

Online For Credits

Event Duration: February 13th to February 29.

All exchange amounts are doubled!

Rate: 1 Hour = 20 Credits


By Administrator on Thursday, February 13, 2020