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Credits Auction[Ended]

::Auction Credits Sale::

The following items can be bid from the mall center in the Credit Auction tab.

*Rage Set chest
*Sage Set chest
*Eternal Neck Chest
*Eternal Rings Chest
*Dark Ring
*Dark Ring
*Dark Neck
*Little Dragon Egg
*Lv1-9 Ref Gem Chest
*Cloak Upgrade Scroll
*Eternal Neck Chest
*Eternal Rings Chest
*Blue Kylin app
*Green Kylin App
*Black Kylin Set
*Dragon Weapon
*4th Rebirth Stone Chest
*Eternal Set Chest
*Admiral CloakLv1

Note: the winners will receive their prize on the Next Day after the auction is over.


By [GM]Andy on Monday, October 8, 2018