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Observation Elevators Manufacturers Share How Children Can Safely Ride The Elevator

In our modern life, elevators can be seen everywhere, especially in some residential areas, many families have children. With the increasing number of elevator accidents now, as parents, we may also worry that some elevator accidents may occur when children take the elevator. Therefore, we must promptly teach our children the relevant safety standards. Today, the Observation Elevators manufacturer will introduce to you how to deal with dangerous accidents when children take the elevator.
1. Help and self-help
When the elevator suddenly falls down, don't mess up your feet. Press the buttons of each floor quickly, be sure to press up from the bottom, and press it again at the fastest speed regardless of whether it is on or off. If you are lucky, the elevator may stop falling on a certain floor. Never try to force open the inner door of the elevator, and don't climb out if there is an emergency exit on the elevator ceiling. If the exit panel closes unexpectedly, the elevator may suddenly start moving and lose balance. Then choose a corner that does not lean on the door, bend your knees, squat in a semi-squat position, try to keep your balance as much as possible, and hold the child in your arms when there is a child.
2. Don't play in the elevator
If there is an elevator failure while riding the elevator, parents only need to press the emergency button to wait for rescue. Never open the car door by hand. This is even more dangerous. If the passenger elevator is now in the gap between the two floors, carelessly Dropping the cracks is even more dangerous. When riding in an elevator with children, do not let children pat the closed car door. If the door opens suddenly, the child's hand is likely to be caught in the gap with the opened door. Children should be careful not to let children jump while sitting on the escalator. They should stand on the right side of the escalator. They can hold the handrails with one hand to prevent them from being pushed down by accidents and other accidents. Do not let the children play in the elevator by themselves.
3. Self-protection
If there is a handrail in the elevator, please grasp the handrail tightly with one hand to prevent falling due to unstable center of gravity. At the same time, make self-protection actions: the knee is in a bent posture, and the knee is bent to withstand the pressure of the blow; the heel is lifted, which is on tiptoe. If there are few people in the elevator, it is best to spread the arms to hold the handrail or stick to the elevator wall; the entire back It is in line with the head and close to the inner wall of the elevator, and the elevator wall is used as the spine protection.
The above content is organized and shared by Fuji Hsed Elevator Factory , hoping to help those in need.

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