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Material Characteristics Of Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet

Many people now choose to install a laundry cabinet on the balcony when they are renovating, which is very convenient for washing and drying clothes, but sometimes our unreasonable design will cause our balcony space to become very small, very Inconvenient, then analyze the design skills of Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet :
1. Water and electricity installation of laundry cabinet
To prevent the laundry cabinet from becoming a tasteless design, the main thing is definitely the installation of water and electricity. Be sure to consider the needs before embedding in advance.
Generally speaking, the laundry cabinet needs to have 2 cold and hot water valves, a washing machine faucet water valve, and a five-hole washing machine socket. Design a washing machine drain floor drain on the ground. It should be noted here that the outlet of the washing machine is preferably equipped with a leakage protection cover plate. After all, it is in a semi-outdoor environment. It is necessary to prevent leakage.
The design of the laundry cabinet is generally divided into two types: left and right basins, corresponding to the left and right sides of the washing machine, one side to place the basin, the other side to place the washing machine; the size of the laundry cabinet is generally 1.1 meters To 1.2 meters, be careful not to be less than 1 meter. Xiaobian personal experience tells you that less than 1 meter is really not practical!

2. Selection of the color material of the laundry cabinet
In the choice of the material of the laundry cabinet, it is generally recommended to choose a material that is waterproof and moisture-proof and not easily deformed. It is better to be on the balcony after all, it is inevitable to withstand the test of sun and rain. It is recommended to choose a log color, such as a multi-layer solid wood material as the cabinet; you can also consider buying a wood-like stainless steel laundry cabinet; or use stone and ceramic tiles to build, which saves money and can have multiple design levels.
In the design of colors, the laundry cabinet should not be too complicated, and the colors should be lighter. If the balcony has its own scenery, then the wood-style balcony cabinets can't be better. Choose some fresh-scented cabinets such as silver sand elm and Fontainebleau. The lines and elements should also be simplified as much as possible to reduce the clutter of the balcony.

3. The design of the laundry cabinet
If the width of the balcony is sufficient, a whole-wall cabinet can be built, and the balcony can be designed as an integrated washing and drying balcony. Although the layout of the balcony design will be relatively simple, it can greatly increase the storage space of the house, and careful layout can also be super high.
If the space is relatively small, it can also be made into a hanging cabinet and floor cabinet, and it can also be appropriately increased for storage. In the design, the space for the washing machine is reserved first, and then the top cabinet can be used to supplement the living room storage. The cabinet below can store some uncommon laundry products. With a simple countertop wash basin, it is very convenient to wash and dry.

The above content is organized and shared by Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers , hoping to help those in need.

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