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Stainless Steel Handmade Sink Manufacturers Share What Is The Overnight Tea Cleaning

Stainless steel sinks will show stains when used for a long time. When stains appear, how should they be removed? Many people do not know what methods are available. Today, [font=宋体][u]Stainless Steel Handmade Sink Manufacturers[/font][/u] will introduce some methods for you.

1. Overnight tea cleaning method:
Sprinkle some overnight tea leaves in the sink, and use the old toothbrush to dip the tea leaves to repeatedly brush the water stains, which can quickly remove the water stains.

2. Scrap cleaning method:
Vegetable scraps, such as celery root, radish hair, onion skin, etc., can be used to wipe off water stains, which is convenient for saving silver and is also very effective.

3. Cleaning method of loofah flesh:
Sprinkle some cooking wine on the loofah and wipe the water spot repeatedly, not only the water stain is no trace, but also the stainless steel sink is shiny.

4. Peel cleaning method:
Use peeled peels, such as grapefruit peels and apple peels, to clean, and wipe the water stains repeatedly with the part attached to the pulp, which is trouble-free, effective and aromatic.

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