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Handmade Sink Manufacturers Share The Size Of A Single Slot

The sink is an important part of our kitchen. It is easy to clean, strong, durable and affordable. When installing a non-sink in a kitchen, you must consider whether the size and size of the sink are appropriate. Most kitchens are equipped with double sinks. So, what is the size standard of double sinks? Follow AFA [font=宋体][u]Handmade Sink Manufacturers[/font][/u] to share the standard of double sink size?

1. The general single tank stainless steel sink is 60 * 1125px, 50 * 1000px is relatively small;
2. The size of double sinks is generally 88 * 1200px and 81 * 1175px.
3. The three slots are generally 97 * 1200px and 103 * 1250px.

The standard sink size design is generally best at about 500px in depth, so that dishes are more convenient to wash and prevent water splashes. At the same time, the vertical angle of the basin wall at 90 degrees can increase the use area of the sink. If the drain hole is in the center of the sink, the cabinet use space will be reduced, so the lower water hole is behind, and the water pipe is better installed against the wall, which not only drains quickly, but also effectively uses the space.

If the kitchen space is small, a single or double sink is more suitable. Like washing in a large space, a large single basin sink is a good choice. If the kitchen space is large, the range of options is relatively wide, such as three sinks or sinks with drainboards.

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