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[Updated]4th rebirth Guide

(This post was last modified: 10-13-2021, 01:11 PM by GmAndy.)

I see that a lot of people are getting confused with the old guide, so I'm making this easy guide for you all.

To start Rb4 quest you need:
- You need to be Lv100+,
- You need to have 100,000 reputation.

The Main Objectives - 
- Obtain 180 Power of Flames
- Obtain 70 Encrypted Blueprints
- Obtain 70 Sealed Blueprints
- Hunt Volcanic Beast 0/2
- Hunt Lava Lord 0/2
- Hunt Master Pet 0/4
- Hunt Lance Hell Protector 0/4
- Hunt Phyllis Hell Protector 0/4

Rewards :
Rebirth 4 Stone - Required to do 4th Rebirth.

There are 4 Main Tasks for Rb4 Quest

First Task: 
Take the quest from Mysterious Granny, outside argent west gate (2159,2791)
Hunt Volcanic Beast 0/1
You can summon Volcanic Beast from Volcanic Beast Scroll
Accept Quest from Npc Ferrari in Valhalla.
Obtain Power of Flame 0/90
You can Either farm 90 power of flames or 90 Kal runestones
Exchange 1 Kal runestone for 1 Power of Flame with Npc in Abbadon 1
Complete the Quest and you get Scroll
Open the scroll and kill it.
Complete the Quest with Mysterious Granny.
First Task is done!

Second Task:
Take the Quest from Argent Secretary Salvier , he is located above Argent Fountain.
Hunt Lava Dragon 0/2
Wait for Volcanic Island to open and kill the Lava Dragon 2 times
Volcanic Island portal is located in Kyjj 3.
Kyjj 3 teleporter is near Shaitan Wowo npc.
Complete the quest with Argent Secretary Salvier.
Second Task is done!

Third Task:
Take the quest from Old Man Blurry NPC in argent (2273,2702) - beside tailor npc's in argent
Hunt Master Pet 0/4
Go to Dream island and enter portal below Dream Island fountain.
Master pet is located near (93,152) , not to worry if its not there
The boss has 4 hrs respawn time , so someone might have killed it.
After killing Master pet 4 times, Complete the quest with old man blurry.
Third Task is done!

Fourth Task:
Take quest from NPC Wowo in shaitan (845,3500)
Hunt Lance Hell Protector 0/4
Take quest from Solace Heaven
Obtain Encrypted Blueprint 0/70
Farm them and complete quest , you will receive 4 Lance Hell Protector Scrolls.
kill them and complete Quest.

Now farm 70 Sealed Blueprints and repeat same tasks
now you have to Hunt Phyllys Hell Protector 0/4
after killing complete it

Take quest from NPC Yuri in Spring (3195,2506)
The last part is farm 90 Angelic Dices and get Volcanic Beast scroll
Kill it and complete quest , and you get Rb4 Stone.

Final Task:
Take quest from NPC Tourist-Tink at Icicle Castle(1335, 470)

Congratulations you can 4th Rebirth now!

THX Smile

Cada cuanto abre Volcanic island?

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