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[Guide] Kylin Cards

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Alright, so there are few of you guys who do NOT mall and would like to get better equips than the standard Kylin Set without malling. Fearless Equips are your answer. 

Our GM Andy has been nice enough to provide us with a guide to making obtaining these Fearless Equips:

However he did not explain how to get Kylin cards which are necessary for getting these Fearless Equips.
======Kylin Cards!!!======
[Image: SpecialQuestCard.gif]
 Kylin Cards can be obtained a number of ways, Arena 3, Volcanic Beast, Lava Dragon, Winning Battle Royal or Kylin Card Fragments.
1: Arena 3 
     Arena 3 spawns 3 Kylin Mobs every hour. Each mob will drop 1 Kylin Card each.
[Image: Arena3.png]
2: Volcanic Beast
     A Volcanic Beast can only be summoned with a Volcanic Beast Scroll. These scrolls can be obtained during the 1st and last quest of the 4th Rebirth Questline.
The 1st quest requires 90 Power of Flames. Turn them in at (Accessory - Ferrari, 1112, 2762 Ascaron)
[Image: Untitled5.png]
The last quest requires 80 Angelic Dice. Turn them in at (Commerce - Yuri, 3197, 2506 - Deep Blue)
[Image: Untitled6.png]
A Volcanic Beast will drop 4 Kylin Cards.
[Image: 40520ed5-58b8-497d-937c-8f05a03d4b41_zps9e655c9f.jpg]
3: Lava Dragon
     Lava Dragon spawns inside Volcano Island. The portal to the island can be found in KYJJ 3. The Lava Dragon drops the same items as the Volcanic Beast.
 The Lava Dragon Spawns each time the portal to Volcanic Isle opens. Volcano Island opens every 6 Hours. The portal stays open for 3 Hours and the map stays open for 3 Hours and 30 Minutes. Refer to the website for the map times.


[Image: kyjj3-1.png]
[Image: VI.png]
Sadly, I don't have picture with Lava Dragon. 
[Image: LD.png]
4: Battle Royal
     Kylin Cards can also be won as a prize when placing 1st or 2nd in Battle Royal. 
1st Place receives 5 Kylin Cards
2nd Place receives 3 Kylin Cards

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