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All Gems! <3 - hkitty98 - 07-10-2020

Regarding Gems:

Ahoy Pirates! Today I'm going to make a guide with all the existing gems in epo~ Let's start! Heart

[Image: 1363808431.gif]

Basic Gems:

Feiry Gem: Adds +4 Attack.
Furious Gem: Adds +6 Attack.
Explosive Gem: Adds +10 Attack.
Lustrious Gem: Adds +5 Hit Rate.
Glowing Gem: Adds +5 Defense.
Shining Gem: Adds +100 Max HP.
Shadow Gem: Adds +2 Dodge.
Spirit Gem: Adds +1 Spr.

Unique Gems:

Gem of Colossus: Adds +5 Con.
Gem of Striking: Adds +5 Acc.
Gem of Wind: Adds +5 Agi.
Gem of Rage: Adds +5 Str.
Gem of Soul: Adds +5 Spr.

Advance Gems:

Yellow Jade: Adds +10 Defense.
Red Jade: Adds +200 Max HP.
Green Jade: Adds +200 Max SP.
Chiatan's Aura: Adds +10 Crit Hit Rate.
Lock's Hit: Adds +10 Hit Rate.
Bing's Dodging: Adds +10 Dodge.
Feng's Defense: Adds +15 Defense.
Shark's Strengthening: Adds +300 Max HP.

Great Gems:

Great Gem of Colossus: Adds +6 Con.
Great Gem of Striking: Adds +6 Acc.
Great Gem of Wind: Adds +6 Agi.
Great Gem of Rage: Adds +6 Str.
Great Gem of Soul: Adds +6 Spr.

Azrael Gems:

Undead Azrael: Adds +8 Con.
Azrael's Aggregation: Adds +8 Acc.
Azrael's Dance: Adds +8 Agi.
Azrael's Glare: Adds +8 Str.
Azrael's Light: Adds +8 Spr.

Black Dragon Gems:

Soul of Black Dragon: Adds +3 Resist.
Heat of Black Dragon: Adds +500 Max HP.
Eye of Black Dragon: Adds +50 Attack.

Special Gems:

Rage Master Gem: Adds +500 Attack.
Sage Master Gem: Adds +15 Spr.
Eternal Gem: Adds +40 Att Speed.
Soro Gem: Adds +30 Mov Speed.

[u]Necklace Gems:[/u]

Tank's Buff: Adds +2 Con.
Blinding Wind: Adds +2 Agi.
Knight's Power: Adds +2 Str.
Warrior's Speed: Adds +5 Mov Speed.
Storm's Lab: Adds +300 Max HP.
Mage's Power: Adds +300 Max SP.

[u]Rings Gems:[/u]

Improved Archer: Adds +2 Acc.
Feeling Shadow: Adds +10 Dodge.
Broken Sage: Adds +2 Spr.
Justice's Look: Adds +5 Crit Rate.
Honor's Cap: Adds +15 Defense.
Sage's Power: Adds +10 SP Rec.
Rage's Power: Adds +10 HP Rec.

[Image: 1363808431.gif]

Where can I find those gems?

Incomplete, it's my last post.