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Apparel Fusion Guide - GmAndy - 04-01-2017

ok if u ever whanted to fuse your equips to new apparel but was like ?????? how do i do this  0.o  !!!!!

here's a fusion guide for dummies  [Image: smile.gif]  follow these steps and you should be fine [Image: party.gif]
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[Image: download.spark?ID=1368202&aBID=149616]
Step 1: place your fusion scroll in top MIDDLE Slot .....
Step 2Tonguelace your new EMPTY apparel in top LEFT slot
Step 3: place your piece of equipment u whant to fuse in top RIGHT slot....
Step 4:place your fusion catalyst (needed if your equip is gemmed and 110%) in LEFT bottom slot....

Last Post - RichardGhval - 06-04-2017

Sorry if this has already been covered. Is there a glitch with the last post section on the index page, or is this some weird new feature?

RE: Apparel Fusion Guide - GmAndy - 06-06-2017

what you mean ?