Eternal Pirates Online - Santa Summon Scroll

Santa Summon Scroll

Santa Summon Scroll
Double click to summon a Santa Claus to follow you. Duration of 3 hours. Loses effect upon disconnection, change of region or logging off.


Type Recovery Type
Level 0
Race Any
Profession Any
Price 500
Traded Yes
Discard Yes
Banked Yes
Picked Yes
Stackable By 99



Dropped from

Id Monster name Level % Quest?
1179 Death Knight 40 25,00 No
1180 Huge Mud Monster 55 25,00 No
1181 Snowman Warlord 85 25,00 No
1182 The Soul of Goddess 100 25,00 No
1183 Wandering Soul 70 25,00 No

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