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M VS M Event[Ended]

Hello Pirates we would like to announce our next MvsM Event!

*Event time:
July 23th - 2:00 PM Server Time.


*Team Slots: 4 or 8 depends how many participants.

*Every team must have 3 Melee Class(ss, crus or champ.) + 2 Magic class(cleric/sm or voyager)
**only 1 champ class is allowed on the party

***it can be x3 crus or x3 ss or mixed

*Buff,Pots,Manu are allowed.


1st: 3000 IMPs each player in party team
2nd: 2000 IMPs each player in party team
3rd: 1000 IMPs each player in party team
4th 500 Imps


1st: [Team 8] Wicked, TheShadowKiller, [Darius], Thea & Delia
2nd:[Team 1] [-Lord-], [-Meow-], Gotkzs, [-Azz-] & [Horus]
3rd:[Team 7] Seraphy, p01sOn, Mothanakh~, [Percival~] & ProChampXd

By Administrator on Thursday, July 20, 2017