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Weekend Events[Ended]

Hello Pirates we would like to announce the following events:


1-Stay online to win

*EVENT TIME: Saturday, July 13th - 1:00AM to 10:00PM Server Time.

If you are online, the game will randomly be giving out prizes to all characters that are online. The more characters that are online, the better the prizes are!

2-Drop Items

*EVENT TIME: Saturday, July 13th - 11:00 AM Server Time.

-The gm will drop precious items around Argent City!

3-Eternal Chest Summon

*EVENT TIME: Saturday, July 13th - 11:10 AM Server Time.

4-Boss Attack

*EVENT TIME: Saturday, July 13th - 11:15 AM Server Time.

5-Unscramble Words

*EVENT TIME: Saturday, July 13th - 11:20 AM Server Time.

-There will be 10 rounds of unscramble words.
-Prize: 1500 IMPS each winner.

*NOTE: All dates/times are based off the server time.


By [GM]Andy on Friday, July 12, 2019