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Step 1: Click the NPC and get "Rb4 Starter Scroll"
Step 2: Click NPC again and get the first quest "Kill Volcanic Beast"
To kill Volcanic Beast, you need "Volcanic Beast Summon scroll". This is a sub quest.
Step 2A: Go to Valhalla and Talk to NPC Ferrari. Accept quest and farm 90 kals in DW
After you have 90 kals, go back to Ferrari and get Volcanic Beast scroll
Subquest 2A finished.
Step 3: Kill Volcanic Beast
Step 4: Go to Granny and finish Quest 1. Check Inventory for Rune stone. Quest 1 finished.
Step 5: Quest 2, go to Argent Secretary Slavier, accept quest to kill 2x Lava Dragon.
Lava Dragon is inside Volcano Isle. Go to Shaitan Kyjj NPC (827,3500) and go to Arena 3
Step 6: Kill Lava Dragon twice.
Step 7: Go back to Argent Secretary and complete quest. Check your inventory for new runestone. Quest 2 finished.
Step 8: Quest 3, Head to Old Man Blurry NPC in Argent (2273,2702). Accept quest to kill 4x Master Pets.
Master Pet is located at Dream Island (93,152) which has a 4hr respawn time.
Step 9: Kill 4x Master Pet.
Step 10: Go back to Old Man Blurry and finish quest. Check Inventory for new runestone. Quest 3 completed.
Step 11: Quest 4, Go to NPC Wowo in Shaitan (845,3501). Accept quest to Kill Lance Hell Protector
To Kill Lance HellProtector you need "Hell Summon Scroll. This is a sub quest
Step 12: Go to Solace

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