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SealMaster : Balanced char i have no issue with it but has fking long as Seal/Shadow it like 3min it dum especially in bh where it fast PK make it 30sec. Not unkillable outside CA/BH with curse.

Cleric : No one plays this class it useless

Champ : Ohh god nerf this class is it DPS ? or TANK ? 106k and 23k def ? on str ? and can hit 45k DEF ? make it so it highest def is like SM jesus how u balance SM/VOY def but not champ......... this class has 4STUN and 2 of them last 15sec and more. NO idea why more max then crusaders

Cruz : Honestly balanced ass class but still cant brake Champ............ even with 103k ( that all +27)

Voy : Balanced class but not so much for CA/BH...... give it rb an aoe stun

SS : Need a buff in max or attack-speed how can Champ have almost same max but have a fk ton of def ? kills too slow compare to Cruz and kills as fast as champ but not as tanky

Battle Royal : is a mess it just VOY/SM and Champ and the only problem is Champ since no SS/Cruz can brake them

CA : Sm seal/shadow too fkin long, Champ take forever to kill cause they got 400k hp and 40k def...... with 4stuns...... Voy useless here, Cruz are oky doky here but SS still kill a little too slow.

BH : Only reason im still here.... SS kill too slow for fast pace PK. Champ too fking tanky and deal too much dmg for this place. other class useless but for SM with it 3min Seal/shadow it takes 1-5sec to kill some here 3-5sec is champs

LACK OF CONTENT i litteraly listed 3maps to pk in...... and server been up 5-6yrs.... Add weekly guid war like Sky pirates add Instances like Rage of Sage... Add new Apps like every other server ....... Bring back BAR PK. Add new quest. NEW MAPS.NEW CONTENT. Something my dude. A PK MAP only 45-55 can enter with max ench being +6 for some oldfashion pk.

I'm just tryna help u Andy no one wants new cloak too +10 with expensive ass Swing or 175 pet we want new things to do not new things too buy. With those new runes make it farm-able in a new map wr everyone can farm it but make drop rate low so it not easy.

We need something new it getting boring just loging in to go to only ca/bh and get killed by champs that think they pro cause cant brake them.

i'm agree with you.

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