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Maintenance Tips For Stainless Steel Sink

Stainless Steel Sink What should I do if "floating embroidery" and "mold spots" appear? Here is the solution:
1) After the kitchen is renovated, install the sink and drain the long-term residual water in the water pipe before installation. After installation, the sink should be rinsed thoroughly.
2) Clean the sink after each use, and do not leave any dirt or water stains;
3) Do not leave kitchen knives, corkscrews, etc. in the sink for a long time, especially do not use steel balls to scrub the smart stainless steel sink;
4) If there are "floating embroidery" and "mold spots", please use toothpaste to smear the rust spots and spots, and then wipe them clean with a cloth.
The above content is compiled and shared by the Laundry Cabinets supplier, hoping to help those in need.

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