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Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers Share How To Maintain The Sink

[font=微软雅黑]Stainless Steel Sink[/font] Manufacturers teach you stainless steel sink maintenance tips:
1. During the installation and decoration process, we must ask the decoration personnel not to put the decoration residues such as mud, paint, paint, and sky water into the water basin. It is best to use plastic bags or non-woven fabrics to wrap the water basin. Cover it with a bag and wait until the decoration is completed before opening it.
2. Because there are often a lot of iron filings and rust water in the water pipes of the new house, these impurities and rust water are easy to accumulate and deposit on the bottom of the water basin to form an electrochemical reaction, thereby causing rust spots on the water basin. It is very important to wipe and clean the basin.
3. For the same reason, do not put low-carbon steel or cast iron cookware in the sink for a long time, or discard rubber dishwashing tablets, wet dishwashing sponges, steel balls, etc. in the sink.
4. Do not cut food in the sink or on the drain board, especially hitting frozen food, so as not to leave wounds on the surface of the sink. Clean up the residues blocked by the filter when washing vegetables or dishes in the water basin in time. Do not forcibly discharge through the sewer pipe to avoid depositing in the pipe trap to block the sewer pipe.
5. Do not accumulate water for a long time in the sink. If there is poor drainage, it should be repaired as soon as possible; do not leave food such as lemon, sauce, kimchi and other food in the sink for a long time. Sewage residues are a hotbed of bacteria. They not only easily corrode the appearance of stainless steel, but also leave traces that are difficult to clean. It is also easier to form bacterial biofilms on the surface of stainless steel, quietly endangering our health.
6. Avoid mixing or dumping chemicals in the sink. If you accidentally fall into it, rinse it with plenty of water in time; do not use corrosive liquids to clean, do not use steel balls or rough brushes to avoid scratching the surface. When cleaning and wiping, follow the stainless steel wire drawing direction to avoid affecting the overall aesthetics of the stainless steel sink.
7. Slight water stains can be removed with ordinary neutral detergents or toothpaste, more serious need to be treated with scouring pads and stainless steel cleaners.
The above content is organized and shared by the [font=微软雅黑]Laundry Cabinets[/font] manufacturer, hoping to help those in need.

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