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Motorcycle Chain Tightness Problem

Motorcycle Chain has now become an indispensable product in the automotive industry, and its ultra-high performance has been generally recognized by the majority of users. However, the degree of slack in Motorcycle Chain in our application process needs to be constantly adjusted. For this information, we come Detailed introduction:
First of all, the slack of the Motorcycle Chain should be well run in. If it is too loose, it will easily cause off-chain or wear, but if it is too tight, it will affect the power consumption. There are relevant standards for the degree of tightness. Lift or press down from the middle of the chain, the center of the two sprockets The distance is about 2%.
In addition, if the stainless steel sprocket and chain are used together, if the chain is too long, one or two links should be removed to make it suitable, but the number of links must be an even number of links. The chain should pass through the back of the chain, and the locking plate Inserted outside, the opening of the locking piece should be in the opposite direction of rotation.

The above content is organized and shared by Silent Chain manufacturers, hoping to help those in need.

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