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China Bed Elevator Supplier Shares The Characteristics Of Elevator Bad Habits

The elevator has been integrated into our daily life. Proper use of it will extend the service life of the elevator. So today, go with China Bed Elevator Supplier to take a look at the nine bad elevator habits:
1. Stand at the elevator door to prevent others from entering and exiting.
2. Stand facing the door and turn your spine to the others in the elevator.
3. Do not enter the elevator in sequence, jump in line, or even run into other people.
4. Close the elevator doors without waiting for those who are about to walk quickly.
5. It is not convenient for those who do not help to press the meter.
6. If there is no one geographical hair or lipstick in front of the mirror in the elevator.
7. Loud noises, scorn, and phone calls.
8. Smoking and excessive use of perfume.
9. Bring pets into the elevator.
The above content is organized and shared by the Escalator Supplier , hoping to help those in need.

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