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Remake of Players Commands cuz yes!

A remake guide about Players Commands!

Ahoy Pirates! Today I will make a guide to update all the commands available in the game~ Let's start! Heart  

[Image: 1363808431.gif]

[Image: n1848.png]   Players Commands:

/cmds ~Shows all commands available in the game.

/bank ~Opens player bank anywhere(works only in safe zone).

/forge ~Opens forging system.

/socket ~Opens socket system.

/fusion ~Opens apparel fusion.

/appupgrade ~Opens apparel upgrade system.

/fission ~Fissions the apparel on 4th inv slot.

/combine ~Opens gem combine system.

/extract ~Opens extract gem system.

/setupgrade ~Opens set upgrading system(works for upgrade Rage & Sage Set).

/time ~Shows current server time.

Last and special one!~

/mod.plug.enable ~Shows CD icons.
[Image: plug.enable.jpg]

/mod.plug.disable ~Hides CD icons.
[Image: plug.disable.jpg]

[Image: 1363808431.gif]

Thanks you all for read my post! I hope it can be useful for all those new players!~
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