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China Bed Elevator Supplier Shares Steps To Use Escalator

  • Speaking of elevators, I believe everyone knows that there are elevators in many places, and there are various types of elevators, and escalators are one of them. Most of them are used in some large supermarkets and large-scale supermarkets. Shopping malls, museums and other places, these places with high traffic, sometimes occasionally have some accidents, so in the event of an accident, China Bed Elevator Supplier teaches you how to stop the escalator?1. When you take the elevator, if an accident occurs and you find that the elevator is very long, you can set the elevator brake button in the middle of the elevator handrail. When you press the red button, you can then stop the elevator.2. There will be a red stop button at the bottom or above the elevator. When a dangerous accident occurs, press the red button in time to stop the elevator. But some elevators are induction elevators, which automatically run when people approach, and automatically stop when no one is around. So you need to keep pressing to stop, otherwise it will run again once you let go.3. If you know where the main power switch of the elevator is, you can also cut off the power switch in an emergency, causing the elevator to stop running.4. Some are located below the escalator conveyor belt, there is a black trigger button, it is not easy to be found, but when an accident is found, you can directly stop with a kick.5. In addition, it should be noted that when you take the elevator, you must stand in order, do not play around on the elevator, take the elevator to watch your belongings to prevent falling, and the girl wearing a long dress, be careful Don't let the skirt enter the elevator to avoid the accident.The above content is organized and shared by the Escalator Supplier , hoping to help those in need.

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