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Lavatory Cabinet Manufacturers Share The Reasons For Less Water From Showers

Lavatory Cabinet manufacturers share the reasons why there is less water in the shower:

1. It may be that the pipeline valve connected to the water heater is opened relatively small, resulting in a small shower water, and only the valve needs to be opened.

2. The low water pressure leads to small water outflow. It may be that the living floor is high, the water pressure of the water source is low, and then the pressure is reduced by the mixing valve, etc., the water outflow becomes small, and can be connected in series between the water heater water supply valve and the water inlet A booster pump.

3. Prolonged use may cause internal fouling and block the water outlet. You can try to disassemble the inlet end of the mixing valve and connect it to the water supply valve of the water heater with a hose; or connect the nozzle hose directly to the hot water outlet end of the water heater, and distinguish the quality of the mixing valve according to the water output of the nozzle.

4. Improper installation causes deformation of the rubber ring, the outlet pipe joint is not flat or too thin, the hose does not match the shower, etc. Select the appropriate hose and shower according to the specifications, replace the rubber ring, and reinstall.

The above information is compiled by Stainless Steel Faucets Manufacturers for everyone, I hope to help you.

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