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Demonic World

There's a lot of usefull guides on this forum for new or older players but didnt find any Guide's  for Demonic World (also referred in short as DW) Wich is a fun maze like map so i took the liberty of altering and old top dw guide to fit this server
in Dw you can battle the bosses  .. hunt chests/ Refining Gems/Million dollar notes / Kals  .. wich u can sell for money Between 7m and 10m each depends on seller and current price  or u can  use them for Rb 1,2,3 / or  to have some good old pvp fun 

How to enter in the Demonic World?

buy a Pass to Sacred Snow Mountain From ticket seller  npc At argent fountain..
[Image: download.spark?ID=1367164&aBID=149616]
Or if u like to take a walk You can get there  from Thundoria Castle.
You can find the portal at   910,1069 Ascaron

[Image: totheportal.jpg]

The portal opens once every 3 hours and remains open for only 40 minutes.if u die inside dw after the 40 minutes that portal is opend  u cant enter again! untill portal opens  next time
Please note that the dungeon will only be accessible for 120 minutes (that means  IF your inside) starting from the moment the system announce that it has opened.

What can i find in DW?

Dw 1 and 2 Mobs (Not bosses) drop different stuff but only usefull items are:  1 million dollar notes,Refining Gems/Kals from Mobs and chest

Demonic World level 1

[Image: demonic1duo.jpg]

Once inside the portal, you'll find yourself at one of the four main corners of level 1. These corners (green zones on the map) are safe zones, so you don't need to worry about attacks in there.
If you come with a party you might end up in different corners coz spawn is randomly .

These are the monsters that you can find inside level 1

Lvl50 Imaginary Snow doll

[Image: sized2.jpg]  Drops :  Million dollar notes, Refining Gem (Rest of drops useless)

lvl55 Snow Doll Spirit

[Image: sized1.jpg]   Drops: Same as other Dw1 mobs

lvl57 Evil Snow Doll Spirit

[Image: sized3.jpg]  Drops : Same As Other Dw1 Mobs

Chests are the blue dots on the map. This is the chest you can find in level 1:

[Image: chestdw.jpg]
lvl0 Chest of Demonic World 1

Drops: Kals  rest kinda useless

Now, are you interested in level 1 boss, the Wandering Soul? she has some nice drops ( if they didnt kill it before u reach it )
 Lvl55 Wandering Soul
[Image: boss1.jpg]
Drops : Soro Chest,Eternal Chest,Azrael Chest, 50m note,Kylin Fragments
Time to go for level 2? Orange dots on the Dw1 map are the portals possible locations.  everytime DW opens, portal for DW2 is randomly chosen between those 4 locations. Have fun searching ^^

Demonic World level 2

[Image: demonic2duo.gif]

Once inside the portal you'll get teleported randomly to one of the safe zone corners.
Level 2 is separated by walls in 3 zones you'll need to use the portals (orange dots) to teleport on to the next zone.

These are the monsters that you can find inside Dw  level 2 ill only mention the usefull drops xD
lvl59 Confused Snow Doll

[Image: sized4.jpg]  Drops:Kals,Refining Gems


lvl61 Demonic Snowman


[Image: sized5.jpg]  Drops:  Kals/Refining gems

lvl65 Demonic Yeti

[Image: sized6.jpg]  Drops:  Kals/Refining Gems

This is the chest you can find in level 2:

[Image: chestdw.jpg]
lvl0 Chest of Demonic World 2
Drops: Kals 
 Demonic world 2 Boss

Lvl65 Snowman Warlord


[Image: boss2.jpg]   Drops;  Soro Chest,Eternal Chest,Azrael Chest, 50m note,Kylin Fragment

I Hope this helps out people who dont know what dw is about or what they can get from demonic world...
PS:  Guide isnt Totally done yet so if anyone got remarks or comments dont hesitate  to Reply so i can edit and  improve the guide further for all to enjoy....

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How powerful are you supposed to be before deciding to enter the Demonic World? Do you get insta killed on weak characters?

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