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Tips For Maintaining The Faucet Of Lavatory Cabinet

In general kitchens, [font=微软雅黑]Lavatory Cabinet[/font] in bathrooms, and laundry cabinets in balconies, stainless steel faucets have rust. What should I do if there is floating rust in [font=微软雅黑]Stainless Steel Faucets[/font] ?
Use toothpaste to remove: squeeze a little toothpaste to moisten the rust or mildew spots on the faucet, and wipe it repeatedly with a dry cloth.
Use decontamination powder to remove: Use cloth to stain with a little decontamination powder or apply directly on the floating rust or mildew spots and wipe it repeatedly.
Remove with rust remover (agent): Use a small amount of rust remover with a dry cloth or spray directly on the floating rust or mildew spots to wipe it repeatedly.
Rinse and wipe the surface of the faucet: after the rust is removed, rinse the surface of the faucet with clean water, and then wipe the water drops on the surface with a clean cotton cloth.
Coated with edible oil for protection: after drying, apply a layer of protective agent or edible oil to protect the entire faucet surface.
For large areas of floating rust and spots, please scrub with scouring pads and toothpaste as a whole, scrub according to the pattern of the tap, from heavy to light, from fast to slow, you must scrub the surface evenly until the rust is wiped off. Use a steel wire ball or other abrasive materials to wipe the test, damage the surface of the faucet, and it is easier to rust.

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