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Stainless Steel Handmade Sink Manufacturers Share Tips For Sink Selection

Common sink materials include the most common stainless steel, in addition to granite, quartz stone, cast iron and ceramics. The stainless steel material accounts for about 80% of the market share, while other materials divide the remaining market. Then [font=宋体][u]Stainless Steel Handmade Sink Manufacturers[/font][/u] will explore the advantages of some stainless steels?

First of all, the cost is relatively low and it can be mass produced. In fact, these are the factors that the merchants pay most attention to. Like the overall cabinets that many friends have noticed, the major brands on the market are often particleboard, because particleboard can facilitate factory production and long-distance. Transportation, as well as easy installation by workers. The same is true for stainless steel. Not only can it be stamped in one piece, but the process is mature, the production efficiency is high, the cost is relatively low, and consumers can also accept it.

Secondly, it is very good for tableware. Most of the tableware and tableware are ceramic products. When they are placed in the sink for washing, slight collision and vibration will not affect it. Because stainless steel has elasticity, it can offset a large force. And the cast iron sink mentioned in the tank car who is the sink, although the enamel surface is very strong, but due to the lack of any elasticity, it is inevitable to bump and bump, as are other quartz stones, ceramics, and granite .

Third, stainless steel is resistant to corrosion. In fact, water is relatively corrosive. Some friends will say, how can water be corrosive? Pure water does not have any corrosiveness, but our water contains a lot of ions. These ions pass through the water medium, and it is very easy to form electrochemical corrosion with metals such as iron. Although the cast iron sink is strong, but if the enamel layer is broken, then Water can easily erode the broken one. Since stainless steel contains nickel-chromium metal, it is very resistant to oxidation and corrosion, so it will not rust and will not be corroded.

Fourth, the oil pollution resistance is good, and the current sink generally treats the surface, such as brushing or sanding, to make the oil resistance better. And it is easy to take care of, even if there is oil stains on the wall of the sink, it can be washed away with warm water and wiped with a rag, which is very convenient.

Fifth, it has a long life. It is a common thing to use a sink for more than ten years, and when it is broken, it is not the first sink. It is often a problem with the sink faucet or the sewer. Repair and replace it and you can continue to use it for a long time .

Sixth, high temperature resistance, general sinks often deal with hot water, hot pots, etc., good thermal conductivity, will not cause heat accumulation, and will not cause damage to hot glassware, so it is still the best substrate for sinks .

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