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Kitchen Faucets Manufacturers Share Maintenance Procedures For Faucets

Today, AFA [font=宋体][u]Kitchen Faucets Manufacturers[/u] come to share how to maintain stainless steel faucets?

1. During installation, the faucet should not be in contact with hard objects as much as possible, and do not leave cement, glue and other substances on the surface of the faucet, so as not to damage the surface coating gloss. If the stainless steel faucet is to be used for new houses, because the water supply pipe network is newly laid, there may be grit impurities in the water. Before installation, pay attention to remove debris from the water pipes, and the water quality can be cleaned after waterproofing becomes clean.

2. When turning the handle of the faucet, do not use too much force, just turn it gently to avoid causing damage. For the traditional spiral stainless steel faucet, do not use a lot of force to screw it to avoid damaging the rubber sealing layer.

3. After use, the surface of the stainless steel faucet should be wiped clean to avoid rust on the surface and affect the gloss. If the water pressure of other faucets is normal and the water from one of the faucets is not smooth, you can remove and clean the net cover at the faucet outlet, which can generally be restored as before.

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