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Kitchen Faucets Manufacturers Share What Is A Bathtub Faucet

[font=宋体]For the faucets on the market, as an important sanitary ware that must be used in daily life, we only know different brands, the price of different materials is still very large, but have we ever thought about the structure of the faucet? How about it? In fact, for faucets, different products have different structures. For example, our common basins, vegetable basins and bathtubs are very different. Let ’s share it with AFA [/font][font=宋体][u]Kitchen Faucets Manufacturers[/font][/u][font=宋体] :[/font]

[font=宋体]Basin faucet[/font]
[font=宋体]It can be seen that the structure of the basin is still very complicated. It is a single-handle ceramic valve core surface, which is mainly composed of a handle, a valve core, a water inlet braided pipe, and installation accessories. When working, three holes are used, one for each For cold water, one for hot water and one for internal effluent, this structure guarantees the overall rationality and service life of the faucet.[/font]

[font=宋体]2. Vegetable faucet[/font]
[font=宋体]There is still some difference between the basin and the basin. The faucet of the basin is mainly composed of a spiral spool. After the spiral spool is rotated, it is displaced by the threads, so that the purpose of controlling the water flow can be achieved. At the same time, the alternation of hot and cold water is controlled by the valve core. One is to seal the water inlet and the water outlet to realize the control of the hot and cold water.[/font]

[font=宋体]3. Bathtub faucet[/font]
[font=宋体]The faucet of the bathtub is not the same as the others. As can be seen from the faucet structure schematic, the water enters the subject through S shift. First, the water enters the valve core, and then the valve core enters the main body. After entering the main body, there will be One shunt, there is a commutator, and then enter the hole on the left or zip code, and then the water flow is switched by the lift of the commutator. Of course, in many families, the faucets in these positions are not very clear.[/font]

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