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Language Barrier Guide

All Credits for this guide go fully to !!!! [Faust] http://epo.activeboard.com/t54579975/language-barrier-spring-town/ !!!!
 i just  edited it a bit and added some pictures  so it might be easier to follow the steps.. (quoting him) xD they need picture's to understand.....
Some ppl get stuck at rb4 quests coz they cant get the items needed in spring town due to the fact they cant talk with the npc's and they dont know how to do the language barrier quest...
First thing u have to do is  buy some tickets at ticket seller in npc argent city for icicle city, spring town, and icespire haven
 [Image: download.spark?ID=1368277&aBID=149616]
Then u teleport to icicle city to and go to language barrier item exchange Npc (1333,545) and click on it and then click Obtain.. she will give u the 4 items needed for the quest for 20M
[Image: download.spark?ID=1368287&aBID=149616]
thirth step is teleport to Spring town and click on spring town teleporter and click on the language barrier quest
[Image: download.spark?ID=1368284&aBID=149616]
Accept the quest and u will see u need to go back to argent city( 2276.2769 ) and talk to the sweet old lady Granny beldi
[Image: download.spark?ID=1368288&aBID=149616]
Fourth step for language barrier you'll need to go to icicle city again to find waitress babara (1350,530)She will give u next quest item for some cash wich is Omni antidote presrciption Click it 2 times wich will  activate last part of  the quest
[Image: download.spark?ID=1368290&aBID=149616]
Final Step of language barrier is bring the ingredients for language quest to master kerra in icespire haven (remember the tickets u bought earlier) use ticket to icespire haven and go to master kerra (2665,653) and accept final part of the quest she will take the LB quest ingredients. 50,000 gold and give u some items in return and Hooray quest is Finished !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[Image: download.spark?ID=1368298&aBID=149616]
Congratulations Now u can continue with 4th rb quest coz NOW u can talk to Spring town npc's, use bank in spring town or buy some usefull potions like Spring rolls at Tavernkeeper-Long er
[Image: download.spark?ID=1368303&aBID=149616]

                 In The Beginning there was. ........The End!!!!!

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