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Exp Phamplets guide

I apologize if there are errors in the translation handling not much English

-The first thing to know is that q is raised to level 120 in castle map called dimension (dimensions's castle)
- You should know that there are two ways to go there.
  The first is (2230.2782) of argent npc city in ticketing and ticket purchases the dimension's castle.
[Image: download.spark?ID=1331068&aBID=149616]
The second is (2299.2749) of argent npc city in direct teleportation dimesion castle (dimension 'castle)
[Image: download.spark?ID=1331069&aBID=149616]
-When in Castle dimension (dimension's castle) should ask several missions I leave the two easiest, the first easier than the second
First: in (80.75) in dimension's castle in the npc dementor this is easier to collect what they ask for the mission compared to the second.
[Image: download.spark?ID=1331070&aBID=149616]
Second: in (105.91) in dimension npc's castle in Alexandria. These are the two missions that advise
[Image: download.spark?ID=1331071&aBID=149616]
-After having asked the two missions must enter a portal on the same map in (77.89) which is called death forest
   [Image: download.spark?ID=1331072&aBID=149616]
-In this map you find what you are asked in the missions, otherwise the monsters are strong it is best you fancy yourself a voyager q and spend your set, I say at least exceed 6000 defense and still kill you council : use the voyager full life and expansion using the attack to kill them using another council spr not go out every time you finish the mission collects q as much as possible of those ingredients and then you go and ask and complete the mission several times in a row and is faster, by the way the monsters for one mission are recommended kangaroos and crabs


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