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Chaos Argent

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Okay!! All of you players must've heard about Chaotic Argent before. It is a pk-map near icicle banker.

What do you need for chaotic argent?
- Medal of Valor
- a Character
- a good portion of tolerance >.>

What is so special about CA?
-You can enter with a party
-Most of the time its a pk map where there are guildwars in
-The winner of CA gets 3 Eternal, and 3 soro chests + money (not so much)

How do i find my way in CA?
Well, chaotic argent is almost an exact replica of the real argent, but there are no npcs in ca at all!!
The way of counting in choatic argent is exacly the same as dw, so we read the map like a clock.
Here is a map of CA:

[Image: 5ajmdv.png]

the words on the map:
WW = wheels or 3 (the place with the big wheels and lil tables to sit at)
Bar = pvp zone, where the bar is ofcourse xp
WG= Westgate of Argent
NG= Northgate of Argent
COMM or CM= Commerce.
Box= is the place near commerce, with the big boxes on it.
BS= blacksmith
FT= Fountain
NAVY = Place where the navydude lets u apply in a navyguild

What if i kill/get killed?
You will lose / win 0, 1 or 2 Chaos points, it depends on the lvl u have, and the killer / killed person has.

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