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The Guide to being a Pro in just a few days


I recommend you create an SS simply because in this server, SS has 2x damage.

meaning, you hit 20k if your max is 10k. And if you do a critical hit, it'll result to 40k

damage. Sharpshooters are considered fast farmers because of this. I think they're

the best to start with.



GM already posted about leveling guides so just follow those.


3.Farming Money

If you cant handle Tundra Path mobs yet, make money through DW 1

the snow dolls there drop 1 million dollar note each.

This could help you alot through the first steps.



Ofcourse, you need to gem.

This is the only way you can advance to  easier farming sites.

First things you should gem would be Unique Gems. They add +5 stat each.

After you think you've forged enough and the money you have is already insufficient,

you can go and try tundra path.(MOBS DROP 10m Notes)

Note: you need 80 PR to tank in tundra

Here, you can observe the advantage of being an SS.

you need atleast 550 hit rate to be able to hit mobs in tundra. being an SS helps alot in this part.

the ones you have to farm first are the icy dragons since they damage 450-500 only.

they are very easy to kill and also your 2x damage will help you alot.

They drop lv2 BD gem vouchers which you will then use to make your PR go up to 80

after that, it's all easy tundra.


5.PK Maps

PK maps help you alot if you can win them.

CA/BH/BR/CI Have different prizes!

But they're all essential.

If you're still weak, i recommend you to enter CA/CI for the chests only!

after the chests are done, go out so you dont feed people with eternal coins or CA points( HAHAHAHA ) XD

Also, you can farm in BH if you're friends with the guild owning it.

You have to beware though, BH has some violent PK.

6.Competing with the Pros

If you've done the above steps, you'll probably have 15-25k max.

If you do, you are ready to compete with the PROs

As you go on and try PK maps, you can easily kill people in CA/BH since def is not an issue in those PK maps. you only need to have hit rate and attackspeed.

You can earn Eternal Coins and sell them for 10-20m each(i think)

Then you can find a guild which would help you to do RB4 quest.

After RB4, if you've been loyal, one of your guildmates can let you borrow their master neck so you can learn master tele and master roar.

PK is so much easier with these skills.

7.How to do all these in a few days

Well, there is only 1 answer to that.


8.Additional Information:

Eternal Chests Spawns: (ETERNAL AND SORO CHEST)

Kyjj 2 = 3 eternal chests spawn once every hour

Arena 1 = 2 eternal chests spawn once every hour

Tundra Path = 3 eternal chests spawn once every hour

Other Ways to get eternal chests:



BR = not exact, since you get prizes according to your place

BH = 2 eternal and 2 soro chest

Kylin Cards:

Arena 3 = 3 kylin mobs = 3 kylin cards and spawns once every hour

Other ways to get kylin cards:

Win BR!

1st prize: 5 k.cards

2nd prize: 3 k.cards

3rd prize: (idk if you get k.cards if you are third)



You can get 5 eternal chests every hour if you're not interrupted

You can get all the k.cards too!

You can be online whenever GM gives an event

You can see some players sell items for a very cheap price

You can get more help from people

You can get alot more money

In other words, be active and you'll be a pro in just a few days!


Thanks, I hope this helped.

Sorry if I missed some information but I think this is the general guide to being a pro
Thanks for viewing!

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