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RB4 Quest

Every day some one newbie ( New ) pm me and ask for instruction to do rb4

In order to make rb4 quest u gotta follow this parts !
1st u need to be rb3 and u need 100k reputation in order to get rb4 started or u gotta just buy one than go to Mysterious granny ( 2159 , 2791 ) agent out side ( wg ) & accepte first quest wich is killing 1x VB & in order to get vb scroll u need 90 kals & than you go to abondone 1 and trade em for power of flame ( or u just farm power of flame 90x ) after that you have to exchange the power of flame for the vb scroll at Valhalla npc : Accesory - Ferrari & than u summon the scroll and u kill vb ( best place to summon is at spring harboor.
After u kill VB u go back to Mysterious granny ( 2159 , 2791 ) & finish the 1st quest
2nd u go to Agent Secretary - Salvier (2217,2749) &  u accepte the 2nd quest wich is killing 2x Lava Dragon and in order to find lava dragon u have to go to Shaitan city and teleporte to Kyjj3 from Kyjj - Teleporter (825 , 3499 ) and u have to w8 portral to open ( it opens each 6 hours ) and u go in and u get ld.
After u finish the 2nd quest you go to Oldman - Blurry ( 2271 , 2701 )  and accepte the 3rd Quest ( killing 4x mp's ), master pet monster Spawn each 4 hours at Dream Island / u have to go into the portral /  ( 92 , 146 ) and u kill it 4x times
 4th quest is at Shaitan City Touriste WoWo ( 844 , 3498 ) wich is killing 4x Hell Lance Prtector  & in order to get them u have to od the mini quest given by Npc Old Cuwen at Solace Haven wich is getting 70x Encrypted Blueprint at cupid Isle ( Monster they drop called Jack Pirates Sailor and when u get Scrolls 4x of hell lance u have to kill em and finish quest at Touriste wowo .
5th Quest is also at shaitan npc - Guild Master Forlan ( 829 , 3548 ) wich is killing 4x Phylise Hell Protector and in order to geet em 2 u have to do the mini Quest wich is getting 70x Sealed Blueprint from 2nd Dark Area monsters they drop called Mystic Black Devious Angel ( Best drop of sealed blueprint in this server ) & than u go to HairStyle npc at spring (3302 , 2511 ) u have to do Barrier Langue in order to do this Quest and after u kill em u go back to shaitan npc - Guild Master Forlan & u finish it !
Last Quest is at icicle Touriste Tink ( 1333,470 ) wich is killing Vb as well Big Grin
and u cant get it by doing Power of flame again but by getting Angelic Dice and trading em for the scroll Big Grin
Last VB scroll is at Dream island ... Just go west and talk to person in bar.
I Hope i was Clear and Usefull & I hope u guys like it
[Faust] >>>>>> pm me if u got any other Questions [Image: wink.gif]

Add enter's behind parts Smile

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