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Rebirth Guide

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Rebirth Guide

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Well i noticed the server doesent have a reb guide,and i want to make one.
First of all for 1st reb u need 30 kals
For 2nd u need 60
For 3rd you need 100
*4rth reb is a quest,otuside argent North Gate*
Okay so let me show you how and what you should do :3
First.Go to icile Reputation Exchanger and buy a Goddess's Favor(People usualy say GF short)
[Image: download.spark?ID=1484433&aBID=149616]
Then go to Argent Fountain=>Ticket Seller=>Caribbean Tour Ticket
 [Image: download.spark?ID=1484432&aBID=149616]
Now when you are there just go left from where you teleported.Anyway the cords are in the picture if you cant find your way
[Image: download.spark?ID=1484436&aBID=149616]
Next talk to the Teleporter,and press "I have obitaned Goddess's Favor"
You should be in the Heaven now.
Just go forward untill you reach the Goddes,and other NPC's.
Now Click the STONES Npc and get the stone you need/want.
Ive mentioned the prices of 1st,2nd and 3rd rebirth above
When you get your stone take off all your items,and be sure you have 5 free slots.
Congratulations whit your Rebirth.
SecretProject :* <3

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