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Character Modifying (characters to mud)

A lot of people has been using this tweak where in people will look like mud monsters (Example Dark Swam mobs) to make them easy to detect and easy to distinguish between allies and enemies. Why so? They designed that some apparels will look originally as how they look while anything else will let you look like a mud monster. This is, for a fact, the abuse to the freedom to edit the client.

I do not want to name anyone but this is a matter that has to be handled properly. I joined the guild "Gladiators" and I was disturbed by the fact that a player told me to wear specific apparels only. To name a few: Lance Brute Gloves, Death Crown Apparel, and Caribbean Robe-Lance. I was confused as to why I was told to wear these apparels instead of the one I am wearing. I, knowing that I have the freedom to choose my apparels, asked why and I was quoted "You look weird to us. It's a long story". Isn't this suspicious enough? I wasn't aware that they were using this type of tweak until people from my guild said so. I am also aware of how this tweak looked like. My younger brother was able to snatch the file though I do not have the information where he placed it.

This has been causing unfair gameplays in every PK map and has become annoying. I hope this will be addressed accordingly.

Disclaimer: I am not mentioning names for I dont want people to get banned. I am also not doing this to have the people in the guild banned but to promote fair gameplay. I don't want enemies getting banned for that takes away the fun. Also, I am not saying that only the guild I mentioned is using the tweak.

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i know about it already. and i dont ban people for using tweaks. but unfortunately we do not find any solution for this. may in the future... people toldme that the main reason theey are using this mud tweak is because of Master tele Skill. may we start by delete the skill .

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