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Armor : Gr8 gem of colo, Gem of colo, Undead
Cap : Soul of BD, Eternal gem (ASPD), Chaitans.
(Note : Forge Gem of colo or any of the above gems mentioned to ur armor's 3rd slot when ur Soul of bd lvl is 9 on ur cap or ur pr wont be 90+. As pr is capped to 90 in pk maps, high pr is pretty much useless.)
Gloves : Azraels Aggre,Locks hit, Rage Master Gem (if u are able to get it).
(If u cant get the rage master gem then it would be better to forge HR gems (Hitrate,acc) Which is lust/Striking. Since many people go agi mode.Or if u want higher HP then forge Heart of BD).
Boots : Bings, SORO gem (MSPD) , Azraels dance.
(Note: If u want higher dodge instead of MSPD gem forge gem of wind).
Swords : Gr8 rage, gem of rage, Azraels glare.
The same goes for Champions, which are rare on this server.
The same for cap and armor as mentioned in crusader's part.
Gloves : Azraels aggre, Gr8 striking, Gem of striking Or Rage master Gem.
Boots : Soro (MSPD), Heart of bd, Azraels dance. 
(Note : SS has low HP and def so i think heart would be better than any other gem on boots for an SS).
Gun : Azraels aggre, Gr8 striking, gem of striking. * ACC gems add max for SS.
Seal Master
Cap: Yellow jade, Gem of colo, Soul of BD.
Armor : Gr8 colo, Undead, Gem of colo (Or Azraels light if u want high SP).
Gloves : Sage master gem (if u can get it), Gr8 Soul, Gem of soul.
(An sm needs high HP so its better to forge Heart of bd instead of gem of soul.)
Boots: Gr8 gem of soul, Soro, Heart of BD. 
Staff : Gr8 Soul,Azraels Light, Gem of Soul.
(Note: Voy also has the same build. )
Cap : Green Jade, Colo, Soul of BD.
Armor : Azraels Light, Gr8 Soul, Undead Azrael.
Gloves : Sage master Gem, Gr8 soul, Gem of soul.
(Note: If u cant get sage master gem forge chipped gem of soul.).
Boots : Soro (MSPD), Gr8 Soul, Gem of soul.
Staff : Azraels light, Gem of soul, Gr8 soul.
If i have written any misleading stuffs u are free to comment :3.
Thank you.

You should fix Gem of Soul can be only Forged into staff/daggers not to gloves

These "new" cloak gems where do one farm or buy them, i have asked around on the server but the replies will always be "I Buy them from players" and none seem to know or just hide the information on how to obtain them. would u mind telling me how to obtain these gems?

the only way right now, is from event pappa npc, near argent fountain... those alphabet cards.

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