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[Outdated]Starter Guide
(This post was last modified: 03-27-2017, 01:33 PM by GmAndy.)

Many people join the server and usually doesn't know what to do at the beginning, here's a guide to help those players.
The first thing after u make an account is to vote, in order to get a kylin set this is crucial because it is really hard to get kylin in game for a starter. Kylin set can be bought on award centre for 900 Credits.
[Image: download.spark?ID=1368031&aBID=149616]
Kylin weps are for 800 credits each.
[Image: download.spark?ID=1368032&aBID=149616]
Make sure u vote every 12 hours so u can be able to get set + wep sooner.
When ur in the process of voting u could try and level ur char to 135 with the help of players.
You can level to 135 first, leveling to 150 is hard, so u have to do this once u have better eq.
After ur done leveling and obtaining ur set + weps u need to forge ur set a little bit, inorder to farm at thundra path.
NPC/Portals List
(List of Npc's in game http://epo.activeboard.com/t53977672/list-new-npc-and-portal-at-epo-with-description/)
You will need atleast 89 PR to survive there. To forge u would need to get some money, Dw mobs drops 1m notes.
After u farm enough money, make ur set +5 atleast, And if u want to farm BD gems, Kyjj 3 has BD mobs, if u enter BH or CA to farm u will only get raped o-o. 
Kylin neck and rings are another important thing u need to get, some people sell it for 10-20m. Or u could buy kylin ring and neck frags from players.
[Image: download.spark?ID=1368069&aBID=149616]  [Image: download.spark?ID=1368070&aBID=149616]
(Look at npc list to find the npc).
Or if ur patient enough u can keep voting to get 3000 Credits and get Special Kylin award voucher in award centre (promotions section) This has a limited Quota so i dont knw how long this will be there, but i guess the admin will increase this quota once in a while.
[Image: download.spark?ID=1368071&aBID=149616]
This can be exchanged to kylin set,app,rings,neck,weps in Kylin award npc at argent (2243,2848)
[Image: download.spark?ID=1368072&aBID=149616]
You can select the class u have chosen and get eq accordingly.
Gemming Guide
Put ur gems accorgind to this.
And also it is important that u fuse ur kylin set, there is a kylin apparel at award centre, even though u fuse ur kylin set u wont lose its effect if u fuse it to the Kylin apparel. If u fuse it to another apparel it will lose this effect. Upgrade ur set to 110% after ur done fusing, when u upgrade ur set to 110% u get bonus stats for each gems u forge, i dont knw the ratio for this.
[Image: download.spark?ID=1368077&aBID=149616]
If u want to get azrael gems, its on award centre for 500 credits each chest.
[Image: download.spark?ID=1368083&aBID=149616]
Inorder to rebirth u will need kals, kals can be farmed in DW2. 
RB 1 is 30 kals
RB 2 is 60 kals
Rb 3 is 99 kals
(Note : You can directly rb3 if u want)
After u get the kals u will need to go to heaven to change ur kals to stones and then to rebirth, to do this u need to get goddes favour from award centre for 100 credits. 
[Image: download.spark?ID=1368100&aBID=149616]
Once u get this, go to carribean golf, u can buy carribean tour ticket from ticket npc in argent. Once u go there go to heaven teleporter he is at (473,1053). And teleport to heaven and then rebirth~.
After ur done forging a lil bit, u shud be able to farm at tundra, the mobs there drops 10m notes. Follow the gemming guide and forge ur set. Once ur set is decently forged now u need to work to get gr8 gems inorder to improve ur set or get a better set.
Guide to get gr8 gems
Players sell rage sets, weps for gr8 chests once in a while. If ur lucky enough u can get a rage set. If ur not able to get a rage set then work on getting a fearless set. 
Guide to obtain fearless set.
Rage,sage, Fearless, VIP set stats.
You will need kylin cards inorder to obtain fearless set.
Guide to get kylin cards.
After u get decent equips u need to join a guild inorder to easily rb4.
Guide to rb4
(Note : Once ur done rb4 u will need to borrow a master neck from someone inorder to get the Master teleportation skill and Master roar).
[Image: download.spark?ID=1368115&aBID=149616]
Master Teleportation skill moves u in light speed for the target u have selected, Master Roar  damages ur enemy, 2k damage.This helps in pk, U can teleport to players and then kill them, And also u can unstealth people using master roar.
And also with the help of ur guildies u can be able to get rage sage helm which is the best cap in game.
If ur a maller, then u can mall rb4 stone for 25 USD, on mall.
[Image: download.spark?ID=1368142&aBID=149616]
Guide to get rage,sage cap.
Now comes Leveling to 150.
It is easy to level to 150 with a voy because conch does 200-250k damage on the mobs with clean eq~ in death forest. You will also need 6k def inorder to tank the mobs in death forest.
Here is a guide to get exp phamplets inorder to lvl to 150
 Each quest gives u 3 pamphlets, each pamphlet gives u 10% exp this is why it is difficult to lvl.
If u dont wanna make a voy, try farming from ur main char and also people sell these pamphlets for 99m each.
If ur a maller all of these becomes easier, as u can start off with a rage eq etc, but u wont be able to enter thundra path with the rage/sage/VIP set so u need to make a kylin set inorder to forge.
If u want to mall rage set + weps + accesories. GM puts a limited time offer of getting all of this for 25$, each month or so.
[Image: download.spark?ID=1368139&aBID=149616]
You cant forge ur rage/sage set without upgrading it, inorder to upgrade ur set u will need 3x rage/sage stone.
[Image: download.spark?ID=1368140&aBID=149616]
After u get these stones go to demention's castle upgrader npc.(18,102)
[Image: download.spark?ID=1368144&aBID=149616]
Put ur set and stone accordingly, after u upgrade ur set u will get 3x mini stones, then u need to slect the same npc and press Obtain the runestones, Select which according to the set u upgraded.
 [Image: download.spark?ID=1368147&aBID=149616]
(Note : If u have Imps enough to buy 2 stones, Upgrade ur armor and gloves and then fuse it, this wont make ur set lose effects, the boots only gives, rage/sage effects.)
If ur a heavy maller who wants to get a +27 set easily, mall 2 vip sets and 2x weps, Trade 1 of ur clean vip set card to a +27 rage set, Use reforge card to reforge ur set~. If u dont have the cash to mall both these sets, Mall 1x vip, 1x swords, and mall an extra 2x rage sets and sell them to players for gr8 chests.
More info about mall on:
These are the options available when buying IMPS.
[Image: download.spark?ID=1368126&aBID=149616]
Credits to all of u who have made this guide possible to make..Feel free to share ur idea's to improve this, im outtah brain power to think of more info to add to this guide xD.
Thank you.

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