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[Guide] Great Gem Quest
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Hello pirates !!!
I'm Kend3r
It's my first guide here, i want show you all how to get necessary items for this quest.
Items necessary to do quest:

  •  20 Kal Runestone

  •  20 Wood

  •  20 Energy ore

  •  20 Sashimi
Mobs to kill:

  •  30 Beardy Pirate Sailor

  •  30 Beardy Pirate Fighter

  •  30 Beardy Pirate Militia
I. Go to Event NPC - Papa (Ascaron 2224,2767)
Pick quest here
[Image: cap00014.jpg]
II. Collect necessary items
Kal Runestone - The best place to get it is Demonic World 2 use Hi-Amplifier of Luck here.
[Image: cap00001.jpg]
Wood - Buy Gold Axe at Mall NPC (Argent 2233,2782) then go on Wood Cutting Isle BD Gem Exchanger (Ascaron 2193,2721)
[Image: cap00007.jpg]
Energy ore - Buy Gold Pickaxe at Mall NPC (Ascaron 2233,2782)  then go to Barren Cavern (Magical Ocean 1362,3032). To get to Barren Cavern fast you can use teleport to Babul Haven by Shaitan Teleporter.
[Image: cap00008.jpg][Image: cap00009.jpg][Image: cap00010.jpg]
Sashimi - We need build ship at Builder - Sinbad (Ascaron 2254,2802) ship must have Fishing Net ! Then we go on sea at Harbor Operator - Shirley (Ascaron 2244,2827) and we must find fishes now. There is few spots near entrance to harbor.
[Image: cap00002.jpg][Image: cap00003.jpg][Image: cap00004.jpg][Image: cap00005.jpg]
III. Isle of Fortune
Ok, if you have got all items it's time to kill 90 mobs. We simply go on Isle of Fortune at Island Teleporter - Silvius (Ascaron 2248,2852). Now little tip Smile When you are on island record your spawn point, if you give back quest and start again you can use Old Ticket to fast teleport on Isle of Fortune, you dont need run again to NPC to teleport !!!
[Image: cap00019.jpg][Image: cap00018.jpg][Image: cap00017.jpg]
IV. Finish
Ok, now we back to Event NPC - Papa and ending quest. As prize we obtain Great Gem Chest which give us all kinds of great gems.
[Image: cap00020.jpg][Image: cap00021.jpg][Image: cap00022.jpg]
Great Gem of Wind +6 AGI
Great Gem of Striking +6 ACC
Great Gem of Rage +6 STR
Great Gem of Colossus +6 CON
Great Gem of Soul +6 SPR
By Kend3r for https://eternalpirates.com

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