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Armor : Gr8 gem of colo, Gem of colo, Undead
Cap : Soul of BD, Eternal gem (ASPD), Chaitans.
(Note : Forge Gem of colo or any of the above gems mentioned to ur armor's 3rd slot when ur Soul of bd lvl is 9 on ur cap or ur pr wont be 90+. As pr is capped to 90 in pk maps, high pr is pretty much useless.)
Gloves : Azraels Aggre,Locks hit, Rage Master Gem (if u are able to get it).
(If u cant get the rage master gem then it would be better to forge HR gems (Hitrate,acc) Which is lust/Striking. Since many people go agi mode.Or if u want higher HP then forge Heart of BD).
Boots : Bings, SORO gem (MSPD) , Azraels dance.
(Note: If u want higher dodge instead of MSPD gem forge gem of wind).
Swords : Gr8 rage, gem of rage, Azraels glare.
The same goes for Champions, which are rare on this server.
The same for cap and armor as mentioned in crusader's part.
Gloves : Azraels aggre, Gr8 striking, Gem of striking Or Rage master Gem.
Boots : Soro (MSPD), Heart of bd, Azraels dance. 
(Note : SS has low HP and def so i think heart would be better than any other gem on boots for an SS).
Gun : Azraels aggre, Gr8 striking, gem of striking. * ACC gems add max for SS.
Seal Master
Cap: Yellow jade, Gem of colo, Soul of BD.
Armor : Gr8 colo, Undead, Gem of colo (Or Azraels light if u want high SP).
Gloves : Sage master gem (if u can get it), Gr8 Soul, Gem of soul.
(An sm needs high HP so its better to forge Heart of bd instead of gem of soul.)
Boots: Gr8 gem of soul, Soro, Heart of BD. 
Staff : Gr8 Soul,Azraels Light, Gem of Soul.
(Note: Voy also has the same build. )
Cap : Green Jade, Colo, Soul of BD.
Armor : Azraels Light, Gr8 Soul, Undead Azrael.
Gloves : Sage master Gem, Gr8 soul, Gem of soul.
(Note: If u cant get sage master gem forge chipped gem of soul.).
Boots : Soro (MSPD), Gr8 Soul, Gem of soul.
Staff : Azraels light, Gem of soul, Gr8 soul.
If i have written any misleading stuffs u are free to comment :3.
Thank you.

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