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[Guide] How to extract gems

I am not best at doing this but I will try Big Grin 

If you have ,  gem what you want to take out of your eqs just follow this guide Smile
You must do Language barrier quest to do this you can click this like for guide for that ---> [/url][url=http://epo.activeboard.com/t54584573/language-barrier-guide-faust-redone/]http://epo.activeboard.com/t54584573/language-barrier-guide-faust-redone/ by Faust.
Requirements: Blacksmith Pillars ( look picture ) , obtainable from Mall npc. ( look picture )
When you done the quest go to Ticket NPC 2229, 2782 Argent and buy ticket to Spring ( look picture ) 
Teleport to there using ticket what you just bought.
You will apear near Teleporter and Blacksmith. ( look picture )
Now just go left... Go straight left until you come to this dude ( not really dude ... ) ( look picuture ) 
Right click him and press Extract gem...
You will now need to put your equipment ( sword , armor , gun , gloves , boots.... ) at Equipment part of it , and Blacksmith pillars on other part of it ... So it should look like this ! ( look picture) 
Price will depend if your sword is very good gemmed or low gemmed.
It is +1 = 10000 +2 = 20000 etc...
Press okay and you will get level of gem that you extracted and lower gemmed sword . **WARNING you will not get your refing gem back from gem extracting**
Thanks for reading ! Smile Hope it helped! Big Grin

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