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Master Teleportation - Shin - 05-25-2017

Imo the Master Teleport skill needs a change, is so  boring to pk with it, i mean some just use it and tele to you and do auto melee (repeat with another char)
wheres the fun in that? i think this is the reason people actually use mud tweak or whatever it is called. when a enemy char teleports to you, he just stays on top of your char, and it makes it difficult for someone else to see or target the other char.

not to mention it is ridiculously fast when it comes to compare it with other skills, doesn't matter if you sealed first or whatever.

The skill might be useful and fun outside of some mazes, but when it comes to pk it doesn't make things interesting at all.
that's all, thanks for reading.

RE: Master Teleportation - GmAndy - 06-02-2017

mm master teleporta. was nerfed some weeks ago.

RE: Master Teleportation - Shin - 06-02-2017

Ah I see, I started to use it recently so maybe that's why I think it's too fast cd.

And I had another similar suggestion, add something like Buddy/Sister Ring (same class marrige) and sell in Item mall, maybe for 4-6k imp? It could be like loveline skill, but able to use it in more maps and maybe nerf it or change so ppl don't abuse it in Ca or other main pk maps.
Could you add this item in the future? (Idk it is already in game)
Thanks for the reply.