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About Eternal Pirates Online! - hkitty98 - 06-24-2020

About Eternal Pirates Online:

Server Rates:
exp-rate x25
drop-rate x10
pet-rate x648
ship-rate x10

[Image: 1363808431.gif]

Idea  What kind of events does the GM do?

Saturday Events~

Giveaway Event!(If you are online, the game will randomly be giving out prizes to all characters that are online. The more characters that are online, the better the prizes are).

Drop Event!

Stall Event!

Eternal Chest Summon Event!

4th Rebirth Boss Summon Event!

Unscramble Words Event!

Auction Points & Credits Event~(every month).

Anniversary Events~(february 15th).

Valentine's day events~

Helloween Events~

Christmas Events~

[Image: 1363808431.gif]

[Image: logo.png]

This is a short post about EPO and GM activities. Thanks for reading, I will make guides soon!