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Rage/Sage Helm - GmAndy - 04-01-2017

1) How to get Rage Helm and Sage helm In-game.

-Go to Demension's Castle. (Buy tix or NPC Tele).
[Image: download.spark?ID=1331469&aBID=149616]
-Find two NPC.
-(1) Tyrus (Sage Helm).
[Image: download.spark?ID=1331470&aBID=149616]
Finish this quest.
-Roo-Roo can find in Death Forest.
-Earthen Sequence can find in Death Forest.
-Eternal Helm can buy from Award Center (600 credits).
-(2) Campo (Rage Helm).
.[Image: download.spark?ID=1331471&aBID=149616]
Finish this quest.
-Crimson Beast can find in L4 Map (Lower Icicle Castle-Near Tele).
-Expert Chaos Voucher can find in Chaos Agent and Chaos Icicle.
-Eternal Helm can buy from Award Center (600 credits).
Stat Of The Helm.
[Image: download.spark?ID=1331472&aBID=149616]
2) How to get Eternal Neck In-game.
-Go Agent City.
-Find NPC Eternal Coins P10x.
-Need 4,000 Coins.
- Eternal Coins can get from kill Enermy in Chaos Agent.
[Image: download.spark?ID=1331475&aBID=149616]