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[Guide] How Get Honor Points - GmAndy - 03-28-2017

You guys looking for some honor's?
then get ur ass to sacred war map!

All u need : kill enemy statue as fast as possible to close sw,than wait for Goddes which drops honors scrolls(300 honor's)

here a photo: Goto the yellow points, and kill the goddess. Big Grin

[Image: download.spark?ID=1365443&aBID=149616]


RE: [Guide] How Get Honor Points - carloseparedesg - 06-18-2017

como se entra en sacred ward?

RE: [Guide] How Get Honor Points - GmAndy - 06-19-2017

979, 3608 Shaitan city abre el portal, cada 4 horas. necesitas terner guild y tener el token para poder entrar, el token lo consigues en el npc de alado del portal por pocos honor points.