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A Few Suggestions Concerning PvE & Economy - Ramster - 06-01-2017

Just a note that Netsky has just as much to do with this as me.

So Netsky and I have come up with a few ideas that could potentially improve the PvE aspect of the game, and some other features that we thought could be implemented.

More Great Gem/Azrael Chests
I think this is really crucial!
A lot of us have sooo many of these chests and just sometimes just can't find a way to store so many... Just like the Million Dollar Notes, there should be Great Gem/Azrael Notes.
How does it work? Well, there would be an NPC that you can trade a number of chests to make it 1 chest. That same chest will give you the same amount of Great Gem/Azrael chests when you open it.
Ranging from 10, 30, 50, 75, 99.
And this is not only for storage! Let's say you want to buy something that is more than 1200 Greats. You can't do that in one trade and you could get scammed like that.

First of all… Since the PvE-side of the game generally doesn't exist here, we thought Abaddon could possibly be improved.
For it to be worthwhile (and not too easy) I'd suggest boosting the bosses up. Such as the damage they do, the HP, and defense.
Since people would need a reason to go and actually hunt these bosses, there should be some useful items right?
Have every boss drop like 5-10 Great Gem Chests/Azrael/Eternal/SORO/Accessory Bags, or maybe even Rage/Sage Master Gem.
Dark Swamp/Forsaken City
Okay… these mazes were such a major part in the original game. It's really a shame that no one really goes in there.
The monsters here have been boosted already, but it's still very, very easy! The HP and defense is fine, but they should have their attack boosted slightly. Make it harder…
Have chests drop something useful, like a few Azraels and in level 3 of the mazes have Great Gems maybe?
As for the bosses… They too should be boosted slightly, because they are too easy at the moment. The drop should be similar to what I suggested about Abaddon bosses.
So maybe a way to make the economy and trades a little easier would be Stalls. Yes they exist, but in this server a maximum of 99 million in gold is slim-pickens. I don't know if it's possible, but can a stall that trades items instead of money be made?
Explanation: You put an item up for sale in your stall, and you have a drop-down list of items that you can select. The item you select will be the only item tradeable with what's been put up to sale.
[Image: 93e9aedb3cac9df17a59480698cae548.png]
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RE: A Few Suggestions Concerning PvE & Economy - Ramster - 06-09-2017

Lone Tower
So I was thinking about Lone Tower. There's little to no purpose with this "maze".
It's already PK enabled, but why not make it something more?
Maybe if chests were added with Great gems/Eternal/SORO/Accessory gems people would go there.
So Lone Tower is divided into 6 small maps. Each map could have a boss that "guards" the portal. Every boss should have suitable drops. At Lone Tower 6 there's already a difficult boss. If it has better drops, I'm sure people would try killing it.

Like with the other maps in the server, add certain times for this dungeon to be opened. Like every 6 hours. This really has  good potential of adding PvE.

Also about the monsters... People could farm 10mil notes like in Tundra. Just here if you're higher than 100 you can still go farm. If someone is afraid of getting killed, they can still go to Tundra without worries...
With people wanting to farm money here, it would add some tension and competitiveness to the maze.
Possible boosting the number of people going here.

So let's say each floor has 2 chests and 1 boss. This would probably interest people into going.