Eternal Pirates Online - Dirty Christmas Box

Dirty Christmas Box

Dirty Christmas Box
Rumored has it that a turkey ate Santa Claus's Christmas Box, could it be this? Place it into the Cleaner NPC to clean and open it.


Type Recovery Type
Level 0
Race Any
Profession Any
Price 30
Traded Yes
Discard Yes
Banked Yes
Picked Yes
Stackable By 99



Dropped from

Id Monster name Level % Quest?
780 Evil Reindeer 70 0,15 No
928 Turkey 30 0,15 No
1052 Xmas Snowman 50 0,15 No
1267 Evil Santa Claus H 80 0,03 No
1266 Evil Santa Claus M 60 0,03 No
1268 Evil Santa Claus U 100 0,03 No

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